Tedspiration – How we unearthed the Spinosaurus

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? And the Spinosaurus may be one of the best and biggest to have ever lived.

Whether it’s a museum or on the big screen. Dinosaurs always manage to capture the imagination. In this talk Nizar Ibrahim details the painstaking work it takes to discover one of these beasts. The Spinosaurus is a 50 foot long predator from 97 million years ago. The dig takes place in the Sahara desert, and paints a incredible picture of this extinct giant.

the Spinosaurus is a “dragon from deep time.”

Nizar Ibrahim is a Paleontologist from Chicago who specialises in the Cretaceous period. He’s discovered some amazing things about the creature. Its crocodile-like head, dense bones and wide, paddle feet suggest it was a water dweller unlike any other.

It may even be the largest predatory dinosaur to have ever existed!

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