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Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard giving go-do.it a new lick of paint, you may have noticed it’s looking a bit different. We’ve recently finished a huge overhaul on some major parts of the site. Adding new UX design work and functionality to make Go-do.it experience the best it can be. This is the next phase of Go-do.it.

The biggest change that you’d have seen, has to be how the site looks. We realised that whilst the previous theme had worked initially to get up and running, it was looking quite clunky and dated. To combat this, we’ve designed a completely new look for the site, doing away with the heavy dark grey borders it’s now cleaner and makes much better use of images. Looking at our stats we see a lot of you are using the site on the go so we’ve made the site perform better on mobile devices taking a mobile-first strategy. all these changes really add up to making the next phase of our plan for go-do.it all the more exciting.

This new look makes navigating the site easier as well as improving your ability to interact with other users and their goals. The whole idea of Go-do.it is to create a community of like-minded individuals all striving and supporting each other in attaining their goals. The UX and functionality we’ve included in this major update will enable our users to work together in supporting each other more effectively than ever before.


Your Feed

For the first time, you can now follow people on their journey right from your dashboard. When you follow someone,  you’ll see everything they’re getting up to in a new area that we’re calling “Your Feed”. This allows you to stay up to date with what your favorite Doers are getting up to and may help spark some inspiration of your own!  You can like and comment on their goals giving them a bit of an extra push and helping to keep them motivated along the way. Your likes and words of encouragement could make the difference to them and help them achieve what they set out to do! Sign up and get the full experience



New image uploaders

As the new theme makes a lot more use of images, we thought this would be the perfect time to overhaul the image upload system in the dashboard. Instead of a standard uploader, we now have a slick new drag and drop uploader, that also lets you crop your images to the correct size on site, so no more messing around in image editors trying to find the perfect size for your photos. See below for a preview of the new uploader in action.



Updated goals

We’ve improved goals pages so now you can see whos doing and who has completed our goals. Blogs and reviews are now linked straight in making it easier for people to follow you on your journey. The new whole page has been redesigned and reworked from the ground up. This provides a better experience for all our users.

Alongside these two major changes to the platform, we have fixed a plethora of small bugs that were irritating users. From small spelling mistakes and functionality bugs to introducing whole new ways to connect this phase of our development has been one of the most exciting and hardest. Over the next few months, we are organising our first events and going to Dublin to take part in Uprise Festival. There are lots of exciting things happening so there’s never been a better time to join us along for the ride.

Overall, we think you’re going to find the updated Go-do.it much more pleasurable to use and that it makes it easier for you to achieve your goals!

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Andy Foley

Go-do.it’s founder and chief encouragement officer.


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