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Have you ever dreamed of going to the moon? We are all for big ideas but this one may be beyond even us! If your wanting to add this goal you’ll have a little bit of a journey ahead of you. 384,400 km to be exact. I know that’s a really long way.

If you’re wanting to take this epic trip, Bill Stone is the man you need to talk. Bill’s talk covers some of the difficulties you’ll experience on your trip. There’s also the skills you’ll need if you ever want to make this dream a reality. These include mining lunar ice for fuel and creating your own autonomous robot army.

“With a doctorate in structural engineering and 11 patents to his credit, Stone is the archetypal modern-day explorer, a multidisciplinary maverick constantly inventing tools in the name of discovery lust” — Wired

Bill stone is a inventor, adventurer and all round daredevil. This is a great talk on taking on challenges and achieving your dreams.

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