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We started with one simple mission – to help people get out of their comfort zone and do more stuff.

We knew there were heaps of amazing things out there for people to do, but that finding quality providers to help you do them can be tricky. And we all know that what you see on the internet doesn’t always translate into exactly what you’ll get in real life!

So we wanted to create a platform where people could find extraordinary providers; companies who love what they do and are dedicated to helping their customers have amazing experiences. That might be anything from skydiving, horse riding or snowboarding, to something with a more relaxed pace like learning a new language or how to knit, and everything in between.


Do you love what you do? providers are some of the most passionate people on the planet. But we know that running, and growing, an extraordinary business is hard work, and that finding customers can be a time-consuming challenge.

If you jump out of bed every day at the prospect of sharing your skills, knowledge and passion with other people… And you wish you could share this passion with even more people… Then you are most definitely in the right place. And we would love for you to join us!


Increase your visibility online

Becoming a provider gives you access to an audience that are actively seeking help to achieve their goals. These aren’t just the dreamers and the armchair travellers, these are people that are dying to get out there and get involved.

We’ve got a powerful search within the site, and we’re fully optimised for other search engines, meaning it will be easy for your perfect customers find you. You’ll also be able to see which doers are searching for your activity and contact them directly.


Sounds good to me – how do I sign up?

Seeing as spare time is somewhat of a luxury for you whilst you run your business, you’ll be thrilled to hear it’s quick and easy! We’ve put in a lot of thought so that becoming a provider really does make your marketing and promotion as simple and efficient as possible.

All you need to get started is basic info about your business (your name, where you are, how people get a hold of you etc), a logo, an image that shows people what you’re all about and a brief introduction about what you do. That’s it, no more than a few minutes, and completely free!

Once you’ve completed your sign up, we’ll instantly set you up with your own professional-looking profile that will appear on its own page and in the listings. And you’re all set for people find you.


So, if you love what you do, and want to share your passion with even more people, we’d love for you to join us as one of our founding providers. Click here, add your business and get your free profile in a couple of minutes!

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Amy Lambert

Amy's philosophy in life is that she would rather regret the things she does do, than the things she didn't do. It's served her well so far as she's managed to fulfil her goals of learning fluent Spanish, qualifying as a surf coach, living abroad and starting her own writing business. One of her favourite things in the world is helping other people find and follow their dreams.


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