Tedspiration – What I learned from going blind in space


Space the final frontier

( Sorry we couldn’t resist ) The international space station is one of humanities greatest achievements and a dream trip for many of us here. You may remember Chris Hadfield from his amazing Bowie cover from the station and his famous twitter account. While he was on the station he would start each day by tweeting hello earth. In this talk he vividly describes how easily bad situations can happen. The talk shows us how to deal with events that are totally out of our control.

“there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.”

Chris is a passionate advocate of the sciences and has written books including An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth and even a childrens book called The Darkest Dark. He is a extremely intelligent and interesting speaker  who in this talk shows us how to move forward in a terrible situation.
“He is a fighter pilot, a test pilot and an aeronautical engineer capable of docking a rocket ship. But that’s not why the world loves him. Of the hundreds of astronauts who have gone into space, none has humanised it quite the way Hadfield has. ” — Guardian

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