Tedspiration – Extreme Challenge

Have you or would you ever undertake an extreme challenge. Something so difficult that you’re not even sure if you can do it. Other people think you’re crazy for even trying.
Well Sean Conway is the man to look to if you ever think of trying something hard. The best way to describe him would be as an endurance adventurer. He’s done some pretty impressive things he’s swam the length of Great Britain and climbed Kilimanjaro dressed as a penguin. With a resume like that you know he’s going to have a few stories to tell.

“His never-give-up attitude in the face of extreme challenge has captured the imagination of many”

Sean now gives talks about his experiences, what motivates him and how to overcome tough times. Something he had first hand experience of after he was ran over by a truck in America. He suffered a fractured spine and was lucky to recover fully. This didn’t dampen his spirit of adventure completing the worlds longest triathlon around the UK pretty soon afterwards.

Sean is a inspiring speaker who shows us that whatever we face we can still move forwards.

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Andy Foley

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