Tedspiration – My mind-shifting Everest swim

Lake Imja in the Himalayas is actually on Mount Everest. It is a newly created lake that has formed from melting glaciers. At a breath taking altitude of 5300 m this is one of the highest and coldest bodies of water on earth. After his ice cold water dip in the North Pole Lewis Pugh had vowed to never cold water swim again. But after hearing about this new challenge he decided to give it a try once more.

What he learned about not only him self but the effects that climate change is having on our world is fascinating.

“Lewis has displayed remarkable determination, professionalism and single-mindedness in pursuit of his goals.” He’s just back from swimming in a meltwater lake on the slopes of Mount Everest.

This isn’t his first adventure like this by any means. In 2008 he kayaked across the Atlantic Ocean. He did this to raise awareness about the thinning ice fields. His goal is to show us how the planet is changing and make us realise the true danger of climate change.

Once he completed this swim he was awarded the record for the highest recorded swim ever. He even managed to complete this amazing feat in freezing cold temperatures in only 23 minutes. Once finished he said “Glaciers are not just ice: they are a lifeline, they provide water to 2 billion people, and we need to protect them,” .


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Andy Foley

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