Science Sunday – 3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome!

In the final part in our Nuclear series we take a look at all the good this power source can do. This video tells us loud and proud nuclear power is awesome!

From cleaner energy to powerful generators. There really did seem a time where this type of energy seemed it would solve all our problems. Could the same be said again? Could nuclear power be the power of the future or should it be banished to the past and never be used again?



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Science Sunday – 3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible!

Following on from last we we thought we would take a look at why Nuclear power is TERRIBLE. When Nuclear power first came about people thought that it was going to be the solution to so many problems. They even used to paint clock faces with nuclear material so they would glow in the dark. This obviously caused some problems.

This energy source does have many of these problems. From cancer causing nastys to the major problem of what to do with leftover materials.

Next week we will look at the other side of this argument.





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Science Sunday – Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work?

Have you ever been in an argument about nuclear power? We’re not sure that we have but it is an interesting subject to look at. Nuclear power has changed the world around us in a number of enormous ways. But, as interesting as it is that’s not to say it’s not controversial. With one side of the argument saying it’s a viable cleaner alternative to coal. The other side tells us about radioactive waste adds to the damage we do to the planet (with no mention of superpowers).

But how does Nuclear Energy actually work?

That is the simple aim of this video to make things a little bit clearer. When 10% of all our electricity (and 0% of super powers) comes from this type of energy it’s good to know at least a little bit about how it functions.

So from Light water reactors to Uranium 235 you’re bound to learn something new



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Science Sunday – What happened before human history

Human history seems like it’s been recorded forever but really it’s only a small part of our story. There’s a huge amount of our history that has gone completely unrecorded . Its the job of archaeologists to piece together what we know and create a picture from before we had the written word.


A very different world

This video tries to explain this strange time before humans could even imagine the trappings of modern life. Some of which we all now take for granted. Before we all had devices with all the worlds information in a easily searchable format in our pockets life was very different indeed. Much shorter life expectancies , constant threat from predators and exposure to the elements. These are just a few of the things that modern man never really consider any more. This video shows us a very different world from which we live in now.



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Science Sunday – Aging What happens when we get older§?

Aging it’s something we can’t avoid. No matter what we do time keeps moving on. But is there anything we can do to limit its effects? Why does it even happen anyway?

This video tells us what happens to our bodies as we age. It even goes down to the genetic level and explains what happens to out DNA. Getting older is something that none of us can avoid. But the more we know the more we can do to offset its effects.




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